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UKG People Assist Product Profile

Empower employees to self-service. Deliver a better employee experience for all your people across the organization by providing your HR team with the solutions required to understand and support people in a meaningful way. Empower employees to find personalized HR information and free up HR’s time to focus on more strategic HR initiatives.

UKG People Assist Product Profile

Employees shouldn’t need help getting help.

Finding answers to their HR questions can be as intuitive as a Google search, and receiving guidance on more complex matters doesn't have to mean tracking down the right HR contact during business hours.

With UKG People Assist, HR can provide the same on-demand service their people experience with consumer brands.

Through a personalized knowledge base, employees can find the HR information that’s relevant to them — on any device, at any time. And when they have a more complex question, they can submit a request to HR that automatically gets routed to the right person and kicks off a process.

At the same time, the platform lets HR centrally manage and automate manual tasks, lightening their administrative burden and freeing up time for more strategic projects.

This all results in:

  • HR agility: HR is armed with the information and tools they need to support employee requests and streamline processes.
  • Empowered employees: They no longer need to take time away from their work to get answers to routine questions. It’s all at their fingertips no matter where and when they work.
  • Better service: HR can measure and continuously improve the service they provide thanks to robust metrics and reporting.

Improve the employee experience and the HR experience with UKG People Assist.

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