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UKG for Logistics Solution Guide

As logistics companies find themselves at the crossroads of a demand-driven supply chain and rising customer expectations, they need every advantage they can get to stay competitive and remain a vendor of choice.

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UKG for Logistics Solution Guide

Learn how you can leverage your workforce as a flexible asset to optimize service, manage costs, and effectively handle variability — from last-minute orders to seasonal swings — for bottom-line results.

UKG for Logistics provides the automated tools and on-demand visibility you need to:

  • Build, nurture, and retain a highly productive and engaged workforce
  • Link labor costs to orders to account for every labor dollar spent
  • View order status in real time and make labor adjustments to meet delivery deadlines

Download this UKG™ solution guide to find out how you can better manage and engage your entire workforce for new levels of agility and responsiveness — especially in last-mile operations.