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UKG Lobby Datasheet

Optimize sales and service opportunities at your bank or credit union with the UKG Lobby solution, and use branch data to make data-driven business decisions.

Financial institutions can monitor and evaluate the lobby experience of account holders at each branch location as well as measure the performance of individual employees with UKG Lobby. Using data on products sold, average wait times, and other branch analytics, each location can optimize its account holder experience.

Armed with information from a range of lobby service and sales reports on traffic volume, employee productivity, and cross-selling of products, branch managers can use this data to make informed business decisions about how to best meet account holder needs. 

This datasheet outlines how financial institutions can use UKG Lobby to:

  • Enable account holders to remotely view lobby wait times, select a service, and sign in before their visit
  • Deliver real-time information to lobby staff and managers about wait times and service thresholds
  • Provide product and transaction checklists to ensure all steps are correctly followed in serving account holders, to create a high-quality and consistent experience
  • Track cross-selling of products to increase branch revenue and identify opportunities for individual employee cross-selling coaching
  • Support managers in making data-driven decisions for better lobby management and an enhanced account holder experience

This informative piece outlines how your financial institution can leverage UKG Lobby to create a better account holder experience and improve employee and operational results.