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UKG for Life Sciences Industry Brief

UKG for Life Sciences helps pharma, medical device, and biotech firms, as well as CROs and CMOs, optimize their workforce and stay competitive.

Life sciences, organizations have always faced tight budgets, speed-to-market pressures, and stringent regulatory requirements. Now expanding global markets, generic competition, pricing scrutiny, uncertain trade policies, and skill shortages are creating even greater challenges. As the cost of bringing a new drug or medical device from discovery to commercialization continues to climb, driving efficiency and protecting margins are more critical than ever. UKG workforce management solutions provide the complete automation and real-time visibility needed to attract, engage, and retain high-performing talent while controlling labor costs, mitigating compliance risk, and improving productivity.

Kronos for Life Sciences Industry Brief

Learn how UKG for Life Sciences can help your organization:

  • Track actual labor costs for government pricing to avoid overcharging while protecting profit margins
  • Manage global compliance with automated enforcement of regulatory, union, and company policies
  • Find and keep skilled employees by building a culture of trust and empowerment

Download this industry brief and find out why 65 percent of Fortune's top pharmaceutical and medical device companies rely on UKG solutions.

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