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UKG KnowledgePass Education Subscription Datasheet

UKG KnowledgePass™ is an online educational portal that provides 24/7 anytime anywhere access to in-depth training content to help your employees maximize productivity and achieve their goals — from implementation to optimization. Gain instant access to helpful tutorials, job aids, in-depth, hands-on how-tos, webinars, and educational documents to help your team succeed. Support your managers, end-users, administrators, and IT staff members with access to the educational content and support tools necessary to set up, complete, track, and measure training activities. Plus, UKG KnowledgePass offers the convenience of online learning with the cost savings of a subscription service.

UKG KnowledgePass Education Subscription Datasheet

Key benefits include:

  • ANYTIME, ANYWHERE ACCESS to in-depth training materials wherever you work
  • SINGLE SIGN-ON available from within UKG system
  • MANAGE CONTENT and train users from one central location
  • HELP EMPLOYEES maximize productivity on UKG tools
  • ACCELERATE end-user adoption
  • REINFORCE and/or update skills
  • EASILY TRACK and manage training to meet competency or compliance goals
  • PROVIDE a consistent learning experience for employees

Download this datasheet and learn more. Get new employees up to speed quickly with in-depth training. Develop the skills of your existing team members. Kick off implementation or upgrade projects on the right foot with proper training and education. The more educational resources you and your employees have access to, the more productive you’ll all be on the job. And the greater impact you can make on your organization’s bottom line.