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The UKG Global Customer Program

See the world-class benefits designed to meet the needs of our largest and most strategic customers.

The UKG Global Customer Program fact sheet details all the exclusive resources and benefits available to help our largest and most strategic customers meet their highly specialized needs and make the most of their UKG solutions.

Members of this select program enjoy access to an extensive community of leaders from other top global brands for insight and networking, a direct line to UKG executives, and assigned UKG account representatives and customer success managers always focused on your success. Most of all, you’ll have the input into the UKG strategy and roadmap you want and expect as an iconic brand in your industry.

Our track record of global success makes us distinctly qualified to partner with you and provide access to resources and benefits to help you optimize your UKG solutions — wherever and whenever you implement them.

With the Global Customer Program, you can expect an experience that is:

  • Proactive: We anticipate your larger-scale, multinational needs and empower you with the right tools and resources
  • Personal: Our partnership is tailored to your experience as a top global brand
  • Proven: Our enterprise-level expertise is time-tested and always focused on your success

Make sure you’re not missing out on these world-class benefits. Download this fact sheet now.