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UKG EZCall for Physicians

UKG EZCall for Physicians (formerly Kronos EZCall™) automates and simplifies creating fair and equitable provider schedules, delivering accurate schedules easily accessed from anywhere. The cloud-based solution provides powerful and flexible configurability.

The solution's automatic schedule creation capabilities save time and reduce errors while ensuring appropriate provider coverage. Even the most complex rules can be automated using our powerful and sophisticated scheduling algorithm.

UKG EZCall for Physicians

UKG EZCall enables organizations to make fast, smart staffing decisions to ensure the right provider is in the right place at the right time — all the time. Using the solution enables your organization to:

  • SAVE time, simplify, and avoid errors with automated scheduling
  • ENSURE only qualified available staff are scheduled — for optimal patient care
  • BOOST morale with fair call distribution and equitable, transparent schedules
  • VIEW real-time provider schedules across the enterprise
  • INCREASE productivity with a streamlined and integrated solution
  • IMPROVE work-life balance with quick mobile access to real-time schedules, make requests, and trade assignments

Download this informative datasheet to learn more about the benefits of automated provider scheduling with UKG EZCall.