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UKG Emergency Response Unit Tool Datasheet

When disaster strikes, your healthcare facility needs to act fast. Learn how the UKG™ Emergency Response Unit Tool helps deploy staffing resources.

Quickly determining your staffing needs and available qualified workers is critical during a crisis. The UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) Emergency Response Unit (ERU) Tool electronically manages staffing resources in a virtual staging area in the UKG Workforce Central and UKG Dimensions™ solutions.

UKG Emergency Response Unit Tool Datasheet

When healthcare organizations utilize the ERU to meet urgent staffing needs, they can:

  • Easily see types of workers available and allocate staff based on their skills and certifications
  • Transfer qualified staff to areas of need or staff can sign up for open shifts using UKG self-service scheduling tools
  • Document areas of greatest need for staff coverage counting, cost center distribution, and employee safety and tracking for FEMA reimbursements and regulatory compliance

Download this informative piece to learn more about how the ERU can aid your healthcare organization in effectively managing staffing resources when responding to a disaster.