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UKG Educational Services Brochure

UKG Educational Services delivers the right training to the right employee, supporting an efficient adoption plan and maximizing your ROI.

UKG Educational Services Brochure

Find out how UKG Educational Services can get you off to a strong start, empowering your team and end-users with the training they need to achieve early success with your UKG™ solution.

UKG Educational Services provides role-based learning that prepares your project team for implementation. Plus, with ongoing learning opportunities, your employees are empowered to work smarter every step of the way.

Partner with UKG Educational Services for consultative support that will help you:

  • Accelerate user adoption and solution acceptance
  • Learn from UKG certified instructors who possess years of training and industry experience
  • Map out training with an education needs assessment and a tailored learning plan
  • Promote a culture of continuous learning
  • Realize continuous value from your UKG investment

Download this brochure to learn how UKG Educational Services training and education can help your employees maximize productivity and achieve your business goals.