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UKG Document Manager Product Profile

Centralize and manage employee documents with utmost security.

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UKG Document Manager Product Profile

Every HR function — benefits, training, recruiting, employee relations, talent — generates some kind of employee document, potentially daily. At this volume and scope, it’s easy to see how countless hours disappear to scanning, copying, emailing, filing and retrieving paper documents.

Not to mention, it’s difficult to keep tabs on what’s missing or about to expire when documents are stored across different systems and locations, putting organizations at risk for noncompliance.

With UKG Document Manager, HR can securely centralize employee and company documents from multiple sources, including scanned paper documents previously stored in filing cabinets and digital documents stored across existing HR systems. This all results in:

  • HR agility: HR can quickly find documents, request missing documents, or initiate a signature process
  • Empowered employees: They can upload critical HR documents and quickly sign or acknowledge documents from any device, no printer or scanner necessary
  • Stress-free compliance: Define retention schedules for each document type, managing global compliance with laws and regulations

Improve the employee experience and the HR experience with UKG Document Manager.

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