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UKG for Distribution Industry Brief

To excel, distributors must successfully address the demands of a shifting environment. Despite increases in operational costs such as labor, customers expect faster turnaround, shorter lead times, and up-to-the-minute order and shipment information.

For many distributors, this means having to do more with less. Warehouse management systems can help optimize the movement and storage of goods, and CRM and ERP solutions can provide transactional data, but neglecting to optimize your workforce means missing out on what may be your greatest single opportunity to impact profit and service levels. In a labor-intensive industry like yours, effective labor management is the ideal place to begin process improvement.

GKU for Distribution

UKG for Distribution enables you to:

  • Control labor costs by automating manual, error-prone timekeeping and payroll processes
  • Link labor costs to orders, customers, and value-added services for more accurate labor costing and more profitable bids
  • Uncover hidden capacity by minimizing idle time and aligning labor to demand
  • Drive quality service by integrating labor and pay data for accurate, well-managed incentive-pay programs
  • Minimize compliance risk by applying rules and policies associated with labor laws, industry regulations, and union agreements

Download this informative piece to learn more about how UKG for Distribution can help you reduce costs, boost profit margins, uncover hidden capacity, and deliver quality service. Let UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) help you manage your most valuable and expensive strategic asset — your workforce — for a competitive edge in today’s demanding distribution market.