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UKG Dimensions Trust Site Communications Fact Sheet

Access information on the status of your UKG Dimensions™ solution on the UKG Dimensions Trust Site by visiting the UKG Kronos Community online.

UKG Dimensions Trust Site Communications Fact Sheet

Register for the UKG Kronos Community and visit the Trust Site to approve receiving important email messages — outage notifications, maintenance schedule updates, and new release information — about your UKG Dimensions solution.

The three types of email communication that you can sign up to receive include:

  • Incidents: Learn when an outage, emergency event, or performance issue occurs, and receive updates every 60 minutes on the status
  • Maintenance: Know when maintenance events are planned, who will be affected, how access will be impacted, and when maintenance is complete
  • Announcements: Be among the first to know about new release enhancements, improvements, and features, and learn about resources to prepare your team to confidently use the latest release

Download this informative fact sheet to learn more about the many benefits of signing up for communications from the UKG Dimensions Trust Site.