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UKG Dimensions Platform

From the initial design of the UKG Dimensions™ product suite, it was clear that traditional platform architectures would be insufficient to power its advanced capabilities. So we built one: the UKG Dimensions platform.

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UKG Dimensions Platform

The UKG Platform Delivers Such Industry Breakthroughs as:

  • Robust API framework that provides extensibility and simplifies integrations
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning that drive smart, predictive solutions and learn from operations data and decisions made by managers every day
  • Blazing fast in-memory cloud computing that efficiently delivers time calculation, reporting, and instant computation of KPIs and analytics — all at massive scale
  • Flexible domain model based on decades of workforce management experience that provides flexibility and consistency across the suite
  • Unified information architecture that gives you complete data access for on-demand reporting and analysis, with no need for special technical expertise