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UKG Dimensions Analytics

UKG Dimensions™ Analytics delivers insights instantly to your frontline and operational people managers so they can confidently make impactful labor decisions backed by data. Easily identify, manage, and optimize opportunities for labor cost savings and productivity, with KPIs, metrics, and thresholds created to help you stay on track with your business goals in real time.

UKG Dimensions Analytics

Discover all the ways the UKG Dimensions Analytics helps you make a positive impact on your organization’s people and processes.

UKG Dimensions Analytics:

  • Boost productivity with ad-hoc reporting that simplifies data access
  • Contain labor costs through Dataviews that deliver real-time access to your operational data
  • Lower noncompliance risk with the ability to drill down to find the root cause of problems
  • Address key workforce challenges such as overtime and turnover with packaged data science solutions that leverage machine learning
  • Provide insight into your organization's performance against business goals and objectives with Real-time KPIs

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