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UKG for Contact Centers

Learn how UKG for Contact Centers can help you transform your contact centers to deliver high-quality service, enhance engagement, and control labor costs.

Even if you already use contact center solutions for tasks such as forecasting, real-time schedule adherence, performance management, and training, UKG for Contact Centers delivers workforce management solutions that close critical gaps in your effort to optimize your workforce. And considering that labor typically accounts for up to 75 percent of a center’s operating costs, it’s an effort worth undertaking.

UKG for Contact Centers

Closing these gaps can mean identifying and hiring quality workers and keeping attrition rates low so you can deliver consistently high levels of service to customers. And then drive employee engagement and manage absences to control costs as well as manage all time worked to help minimize compliance risk.

Download this industry brief to learn more about how UKG for Contact Centers supports strategic workforce management.