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Tracking Long-Running Jobs with UKG AutoTime Datasheet

With long-running jobs, managers need to know planned, actual, and remaining time for each project. UKG AutoTime™ delivers this data fast.

Long-running jobs can require weeks or months to build a complex item — or to complete maintenance, repair, and overhaul work. To effectively manage this work against budget, managers need accurate, real-time information on the individual and cumulative time employees have spent working on the long-running job.

Tracking Long-Running Jobs with UKG AutoTime Datasheet

UKG AutoTime gives managers the visibility they need to oversee and effectively manage long-running jobs. The solution enables managers and supervisors to:

  • View the amount of time spent on a job to date and the hours remaining
  • Manage planned or budgeted hours and revise budgets as needed to finish a job
  • See if a job may go over budget to manage expectations
  • Better manage or prevent overtime to stay within budget
  • Adjust budgets to increase the probability of job payment
  • Maintain revenue for maintenance, repair, and overhaul work

Download this informative datasheet to see scenarios that show how UKG AutoTime tracks time for multiple employees working on a long-running job and the information that's available at a supervisor's fingertips.