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Overcoming Maritime Industry Challenges

Optimize your maritime staff with UKG® human capital and workforce management solutions.

Overcoming Maritime Industry Challenges

The maritime industry has complex workforce challenges. Discover how combining UKG Pro® and UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly UKG Dimensions®) delivers solutions that support your people while better allocating labor to meet maritime and port operations needs around the globe and optimize labor costs.

The maritime industry is a complex workplace and faces ongoing issues, including high labor costs, talent shortages, low employee engagement, and productivity gaps.

Using the right human capital and UKG Pro Workforce Management technology can help companies better attract and engage employees while delivering strong bottom line results. Forrester Research has determined that when organizations combine UKG Pro and UKG Pro Workforce Management, they see an 89% ROI and payback within six months.

UKG technology can help maritime industry companies:

  • Recruit and retain the right employees
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity
  • Cost-effectively manage the workforce
  • Accurately align labor to demand to optimize labor costs
  • Create a connected global workforce experience

Download this piece to learn more about how using UKG Pro and UKG Pro Workforce Management together can help your maritime operations handle industry challenges and create positive work experiences for your people.