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Organizational Change Management Guide

Many people dislike change, but UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) change tools and advisors can help you create a change management process for successful user adoption of your solution. Learn about our communication and training plans that support your people during change.

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Our team of certified change management practitioners ― along with UKG’s Paragon Methodology change tools ― assist you throughout the solution adoption process. With this support, your team members will be better able to adopt new behaviors and workflows.

Your UKG change management practitioner helps you:

  • Identify who will be impacted and the behaviors they will need to change
  • Design a communication plan focused on key messages for specific audiences and who and how to best communicate these messages
  • Develop a training plan geared to each impacted group, including training timing, duration, and delivery methods
  • Create a plan to reinforce the goals of moving to the new solution, including recognizing the success of teams and team members

Download this guide to learn more about the tools you can use to make your UKG solution change not only seamless and successful but sustainable.