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Multiple Data Collection Options Support UKG AutoTime

Numerous data collection methods can be used with UKG AutoTime™, from hardware and software terminals to web browsers and mobile devices.

Data collection devices can be configured using dialogue logic to limit what each employee can see and do at a device. In addition, offline availability enables devices to collect and save work data when they're not connected to UKG AutoTime, and web services allow existing data collection systems to be integrated with the solution.

Multiple Data Collection Options Support UKG AutoTime

Dialogue logic creates a conversation with employees at the data collection device. The benefits of dialogue logic include:

  • Tremendous flexibility in collecting data in real time
  • Reduced errors as employees are prevented from performing activities not allowed
  • Increased productivity, with employees spending less time on data collection
  • Better employee visibility into a job, hours worked, and approved options
  • Improved budget management, with real-time visibility into hours worked on a job
  • Reduced training requirements as usage guidance is provided by the device

Download this informative piece to see data collection device details and examples of how UKG AutoTime uses dialogue logic for a streamlined user experience.