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Managing a Global Workforce with Localization

Global expansion increases operational complexity and risk, so you need to rethink how to develop a cohesive, high-performing workforce that spans cultures, countries, and borders.

UKG™ solutions allow you to create a successful balance between global workforce management standardization and localization to support compliance with local regulations, policies, and practices.

Managing a Global Workforce with Localization

Globalization is a driving force in today’s business environment. Relaxed trade barriers, increased labor migration, advanced in technology, and the relentless need to boost the bottom line have led an increasing number of businesses to expand internationally.

Learn how UKG solutions enable the best of both worlds with:

  • A single source of truth and global visibility across all locations
  • Adherence to country-specific regulations
  • Support for local languages and country-specific pay rules

Download this informative fact sheet and learn how UKG solutions lay the foundation for consistent, yet flexible workforce management across multinational operations.