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Long-Term Capacity Planning Datasheet

Learn how UKG Long-Term Capacity Planning provides an actionable, data-driven outlook to guide strategic hiring and staffing decisions.

Shifting market forces, customer behavior, regulatory requirements, and technology impacts make it increasingly difficult to manage your skills inventory and align staffing to demand over time. Long-Term Capacity Planning, a flexible add-on module for the UKG Dimensions™ suite from UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), enables you to forecast staffing needs and plan for the right mix and number of people to meet evolving demands by location.

Sophisticated algorithms take into account key levers, drivers, and constraints to provide visibility into labor costs, workload volume breakdown, and more. Armed with these insights, your organization can make informed hiring, staffing, and scheduling decisions to support your long-term service, sales, and customer satisfaction goals.

Long-Term Capacity Planning Datasheet

Learn how Long-Term Capacity Planning can help you:

  • Accurately forecast demand and required resource capacity
  • Calculate the impact of what-if scenarios to improve decision making
  • Get specific staffing recommendations for the next 13 months to three years

Download this datasheet and find out how you can better determine and plan for future hiring and staffing needs. Get this free resource now.