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Improve Compliance with Overtime Equalization Rules

Automate overtime management with UKG Dimensions Scheduler.
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Improve Compliance with Overtime Equalization Rules

The opportunity to earn overtime is a major benefit to those in the manufacturing industry, but it can be complex to manage.

Manufacturers must develop and apply policies to ensure overtime is offered fairly across employees and in compliance with labor laws. This process can leave them vulnerable to overtime disputes — especially if they’re tracking it manually — resulting in frustrated employees, lost productivity, and possible penalties.

But with UKG Dimensions™ Scheduler, you can automate overtime rules to make sure shifts are offered to the right people in the right order, minimizing compliance risks.

In the brief, Improve Compliance with Overtime Equalization Rules, find out how UKG Dimensions Scheduler can help your business:

  • Reduce disputes with consistent overtime management
  • Reduce fines through accurate overtime policy adherence
  • Save time with automated, centralized tracking
  • Improve control with overtime visibility across the organization

See how this tool brings all the pieces of the puzzle — total hours worked, refused overtime, seniority dates, and more — together in one place.