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Help Close the Gap with the UKG Pro Pay Equity Dashboard

Gain insight to uncover potential pay inequalities and take action to drive change.
Help Close the Gap with the UKG Pro Pay Equity Dashboard

Pay gaps continue to be a workplace issue. Learn how the Pay Equity Dashboard within the UKG Pro™ People Analytics solution provides tools that identify pay inequalities by gender, ethnicity, age, and disability status and can help organizations improve pay equity.

Although research has shown that supporting gender equality in the workplace results in greater financial success, some organizations are experiencing ongoing challenges in recognizing and correcting pay inequalities.

When organizations use the Pay Equity Dashboard in UKG Pro People Analytics, they are able to:

  • Review average pay by a variety of categories
  • Examine pay equity by individual job level
  • Access pay equity reports based on employee experience, job/position, location, demographics, and manager

Download this informative piece to learn more about how the Pay Equity Dashboard can put valuable pay equity information at your fingertips to help your organization uncover and correct pay inequalities.