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Global Pay

Leverage a secure network of global payroll providers for more accurate pay

Global Pay

Managing payroll can be challenging for global companies. See how UKG® global payroll integration simplifies payroll processing and compliance in 100+ countries. Our UKG Pro™ solution can integrate with your global payroll provider or a UKG strategic payroll partner.

The solution helps you collect country-specific data and bank information to satisfy local requirements and provides powerful reporting and analytics.

Whether you choose to integrate with a UKG global payroll partner via prebuilt APIs or utilize the Global Payroll Integration in UKG Pro, some of the benefits you will realize include:

  • Leveraging country-specific human capital management data to process payroll
  • Gaining an extensive view of total workforce costs
  • Seeing payroll payments and deductions in local currency
  • Accessing data reports with UKG Pro People Analytics

Download this informative piece to learn more about how UKG provides global pay tools and resources to support your organization in processing payroll outside the U.S. and Canada.