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Extensive Functionality Supports Defense Contract Audit Agency Compliance

Contract bid labor data must undergo DCAA validation and perhaps an audit before submission. UKG AutoTime™ helps ensure data is accurate.

Access to accurate labor reporting is critical for manufacturers in meeting Defense Compliance Audit Agency requirements for government contracts. UKG AutoTime has been designed to assist manufacturers in meeting their compliance obligations.

Extensive Functionality Supports Defense Contract Audit Agency Compliance

To address manufacturers' labor data validation needs, UKG AutoTime:

  • Ensures only valid, chargeable jobs can be reported at the right time and by people with the right skills and certifications
  • Allows only the original time reporter to make changes to labor data
  • Mandates people making transaction corrections to choose a reason code or add a comment
  • Requires employee approval of changes made by others
  • Allows changes to an individual's records on a single day through payroll unlock
  • Detects policy violations and performs a compliance check with the timecard tracker

Download this informative piece to learn more about how UKG AutoTime helps users maintain complex contract requirements and provides extensive DCAA audit and compliance support.