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Drive retention and engagement in manufacturing with UKG HCM Technology

Explore this product profile that explores how UKG Pro Human Capital Management can help create a better work experience for your frontline manufacturing workforce.

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The manufacturing industry is in crisis mode. In addition to dealing with supply chain bottlenecks, wage inflation, and material price increases, turnover is up dramatically. This is largely due to a steep decline in engagement among the frontline workforce. In fact, Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Study reports that only 25% of manufacturing workers are “engaged.”1 Manufacturers must focus on improving the employee experience to drive engagement and reduce turnover.

From paying your people to scheduling them, growing them to connecting them, and everything in between, UKG human capital management and workforce management solutions provide the tools you need create an engaged workforce that drives operational excellence and produces better business outcomes.

This UKG asset provides an overview of our comprehensive suite of solutions designed to create a better work experience for your most valuable asset — your people.