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Configuration Review

Optimize your UKG Dimensions™ solution settings with a Configuration Review that identifies ways to improve your solution’s performance to best meet your needs. Part of the Enhanced Success Plan, this review delivers deep insight into your solution settings.

Your customer success manager (CSM) guides you through this process and works with UKG Global Support to create a detailed report on your configuration and areas for improvement.

Configuration Review

Undergoing a Configuration Review enables your organization to:

  • Determine your configuration’s strengths and potential alternatives for your solution’s settings
  • Identify at-risk Hyperfinds, employee sign-offs, and global settings
  • Learn about best practices used by other organizations
  • Receive recommendations to ensure your solution is lean and healthy
  • Reevaluate your organization’s business needs

Download this piece to learn more reasons why you should sign up for a UKG Dimensions Configuration Review, performed at a time of year that works best for your organization.