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Campus Voice

Real-time assessment tool powered by UKG Employee Voice™.

Campus Voice

Campus climate can change rapidly. Learn about real-time assessment technology that lets you survey faculty, students, and staff — or specific segments — and analyze themes and emotions in our UKG Campus Voice datasheet.

While many universities already implement campus surveys, they are often costly and conducted by external firms that take months to share outcomes. With Campus Voice you have the power to deploy surveys — when you want and how you want — to different demographic segments of your campus community and receive real-time answers and analysis. Our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, designed with assistance from Stanford University, helps you more fully understand the evolving campus climate, including how specific events, policies, or decisions affect differing populations.

Learn how Campus Voice helps you:

  • Focus on specific demographics to assess how they feel and form a plan of action
  • Get meaningful survey results in real time through visual data analytics
  • Catalyze campus engagement, boost retention, and accelerate DEI programs

Download this informative datasheet and learn how you can better understand your campus climate and take steps to create a more positive culture for students, faculty, and staff.