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UKG at Work in State Government

UKG™ for State Government solutions help control costs, minimize compliance risk, and maintain accuracy, accountability, and transparency — all critical for saving budget dollars and protecting services.

For many state governments, labor is the costliest and most controllable expense. Some of the more transactional aspects of managing the workforce are areas that could benefit from increased efficiency.

UKG at Work in State Government

Learn how our automated tools, real-time visibility, and built-in reporting help you:

  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Manage your workforce
  • Track and maximize grants
  • Prepare for emergencies

Download this informative piece to find out more about how our UKG for State Government solution can support your government’s entire workforce.

“UKG offers more than just timekeeping accuracy. It enables us to analyze trends, expedite federal aid reimbursement, and much more.”

Crystal Woods, Division Head of Human Resources
Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department