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UKG Knows Automotive

UKG automotive customers know the value of using a UKG workforce management solution.
UKG Knows Automotive

In the competitive world of automotive manufacturing, effective workforce management is key to the bottom line. See a sampling of UKG™ automotive manufacturing customers that rely on our workforce management solutions to better manage costs, productivity, and compliance.

Increased competition and economic pressures mean automotive manufacturing companies need to operate as optimally as possible to stay competitive. UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) understands the challenges of the automotive business.

In UKG Knows the Automotive Industry, see some of the automotive manufacturing companies that are using a UKG workforce management solution to:

  • Reconcile payroll to direct and indirect production hours to determine actual labor costs across plant operations
  • Create schedules that optimize labor, minimize equipment downtime, and reduce unplanned overtime
  • Gain visibility into shop floor labor activities for informed real-time decisions
  • Streamline compliance with union work, pay, and scheduling rules

Download this piece to learn who are some of the automotive manufacturing companies that use UKG solutions to better manage their workforce.