Setting Up for Success: Wellness at Work Infographic

Leverage your UKG solutions to minimize risk and keep people safe during the pandemic and beyond.

Learn in the Setting Up for Success: Wellness at Work infographic how UKG Wellness at Work solutions deliver functionality and visibility into real-time data to protect your people, reduce risk, and minimize ongoing impacts of COVID-19.

Using your UKG® solutions, you can help keep your employees, patients, and residents ― as well as your organization ― safer during the pandemic and into the future.

UKG Wellness at Work solutions enable your organization to:

  • Track vaccination status, exemptions, test results, and health attestations in a single location
  • Use attendance information to complete contact tracing when someone tests positive
  • Allow employees to attest daily to their health status relative to COVID-19 symptoms
  • Manage leave related to COVID-19 to meet regulations and act quickly in filling open shifts
  • Give employees access to mobile functionality to punch in and out, reducing their contact with shared surfaces

Download this infographic to learn more about how UKG Wellness at Work solutions can benefit your people and your organization.

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