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Resilience in Manufacturing Infographic

5 key findings to guide effective people management.
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Resilience in Manufacturing Infographic

How have manufacturers fared during the COVID-19 crisis? Learn five key takeaways from a study by The Workforce Institute at UKG, along with strategies to strengthen people operations and bridge the talent gap, in our Resilience in Manufacturing infographic.

Although the industry has faced its share of hurdles, many manufacturers in the U.S. are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic on solid footing. Based on a survey of hiring decisions makers at U.S. manufacturers and multinational manufacturers with a strong U.S. presence, it’s clear that the industry grappled with numerous significant people-related challenges throughout the first full year of the pandemic. As a result, many are rethinking their strategies and refocusing their priorities to optimize workforce resilience — even during times of disruption.

Gain at-a-glance insight into:

  • Persistent attendance and talent shortage issues — made worse by the pandemic
  • The need for heightened focus on workforce development and employee well-being
  • The role of technology in workforce management and decision making moving forward

Download this infographic for findings and strategies to support your people through their life-work journey.