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The Latest Technologies Disrupting the Logistics Industry

Rising labor costs, a shrinking labor pool, and growing customer expectations are causing logistics organizations to expand their use of technology.

For many years, technology solutions have played an integral role in supply chain management. However, as competition intensifies and customer expectations rise, logistics organizations are increasing efficiencies and optimizing performance by extending their use of technology well beyond the tracking of goods and materials.

The Latest Technologies Disrupting the Logistics Industry

These four technologies are the latest to disrupt the logistics industry:

  • Big Data Analytics
    Data-driven insights help organizations achieve better results across their business
  • Cloud Computing
    Rapidly becoming a mainstream delivery model for enterprise IT and a catalyst for business innovation
  • Omnichannel Distribution
    Driving investments in technology to accommodate shipments across channels and platforms
  • Adoption of Mobile Solutions
    An increased investment in mobile technology solutions has led to improved workforce productivity, order accuracy, and operations

Download this infographic today to learn more about how through the effective use of the latest technologies, your organization can uncover hidden capacity, control costs, and boost responsiveness to achieve new levels of operational excellence.