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Intent to Stay in Government Survey Infographic Report

UKG's first large Intent to Stay in Government Survey is a starting point other states can follow to empower themselves to shape effective retention strategies.

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This survey is a strategic tool designed to uncover factors that influence employee retention.

The infographic report, delivered by UKG Public Sector Senior Fellow Bob Lavigna, is a snapshot of insights that can help develop identify areas of improvement and create workplaces that will attract and retain talented employees.

Highlights from the survey include:

  • It’s not always about the money. While 39% of employees cited “low compensation” as the reason they’re likely to leave in the next year, 61% cited other reasons
  • The motivation to stay and reasons to leave differed by department, demographic group, and work arrangement
  • The top two reasons cited for staying: enjoying the work and work colleagues

This survey was developed with the County Public Administration Advisory Committee (CPAAC) in California and posed 11 critical questions spanning demographics, motivation, and whether employees intend to stay or leave. Ten participating counties lent their voices, resulting in a robust dataset of 8,235 responses.

Download the infographic report for insights that could help your organization foster a thriving workplace.