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UKG for YMCA Industry Brief

Learn how UKG for YMCA helps you attract and retain best-fit employees and manage them more cost-effectively to deliver safe, quality member services.

As a YMCA, your people are your most important asset. UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) can help you better manage your workforce with an easy-to-use and easy to-own solution designed to control costs, improve productivity, and minimize compliance risk while supporting your critical mission.

UKG for YMCA Industry Brief

Operating a YMCA is challenging when you’re simultaneously faced with reduced funding and surging demand for services. Add in the difficulty of managing a dynamic workforce across multiple jobs and locations, and the challenges grow.

With labor accounting for a large portion of your budget, your workforce represents your greatest opportunity to balance such issues such costs, productivity, and employee engagement with supporting your programs and services. Improving and streamlining workforce processes with UKG for YMCA allows your employees and managers to focus more time, energy, and resources on creating the best experience for your members and program participants.

UKG for YMCA helps you:

  • Control costs and reallocate savings into programs that enrich the lives of members and the community
  • Maintain a safe, positive environment for members and staff by hiring quality employees
  • Engage your multigenerational workforce through mobile access, schedule flexibility, and more
  • Improve productivity so that employees can focus on supporting your mission
  • Minimize workforce compliance risk to protect both employees and the organization

Download this brief to learn more about how to leverage your workforce with UKG to further your YMCA mission.