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The UKG Workforce Institute 2024 Industry Insights Report | Retail Edition

What’s Trending In Retail Work? Being a great place to shop requires being a great place to work. In today’s competitive landscape the data is clear: financial success requires investing in your people.

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Retail is exploding with opportunity.

It’s not just the nation’s largest private-sector employer — retail is the space for people to work with brands that matter in their day-to-day lives. And with the right people in place to care for customers in stores, retailers have everything to gain as consumer spending remains healthy.

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Understanding and fulfilling employee expectations

Becoming a great workplace is all about listening and getting the basics right.

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Getting creative with flexible work solutions

Failure to provide flexibility greatly undermines hiring and retention efforts.

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Amplified respect for store managers

Store managers aren’t just team leaders — they’re the physical embodiment of your brand’s mission and values.

Creating a workplace culture that makes people want to stay — especially in an industry marked by high turnover — means paying attention to what keeps employees happy. Getting it right starts with fully understanding the state of play across retail, hospitality, and food service in 2024.

This report, which features workplace data provided by Great Place To Work ™, synthesizes current field research to highlight the key trends that matter most to people on the frontlines. Our analysis finds that employers who balance employee and business needs, while meeting your people where they are today, will ultimately achieve success.