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UKG for K-12 Education Fact Sheet

School districts can manage their workforces more effectively and efficiently with the all-in-one UKG™ for K-12 Education solution.

UKG for K-12 Education helps you achieve your goals in an all-in-one solution that meets the specific requirements of schools, such as tracking contract hours, multiple calendars, employee leave, multiple jobs and approvals, and substitutes.

Kronos for K-12 Education Fact Sheet

With UKG for K-12 Education you can manage and collect accurate time and attendance data from all employees, eliminating paper timesheets and the risk of costly payroll errors. The result is that you spend less time on administrative processes and more time on academics and programs.

Download this informative piece to learn how UKG for K-12 Education delivers the right functionality for your school district, so you can adhere to labor laws, track employee costs, and create a more efficient payroll environment.