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UKG for Health and Human Services

UKG® workforce management solutions for health and human services help increase efficiency and boost staff morale for higher quality care.

Caregivers such as nurses and case workers are bogged down in administrative work that not only hampers productivity and brings down morale, but takes time away from direct patient and client care. Insufficient staffing to workload ratios exacerbate these problems, leading to employee burnout and turnover. Kronos solutions address these challenges by streamlining administrative processes, empowering employees, and generating accurate, best-fit schedules across the care continuum. Access to real-time and historical labor data drives smart decision making, helping ensure that service quality consistently meets constituent demands.

UKG for Health and Human Services

Learn how UKG workforce management solutions can help:

  • Capture and track time and attendance for better labor cost control
  • Simplify grant tracking and reporting to accelerate audit cycles
  • Mitigate compliance risk with standardized application of rules and policies

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