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UKG for Federal Work-Study

Colleges that accept Federal Work Study (FWS) funds for student workers must meet strict criteria. Learn how UKG for Higher Education tracks required data to help ensure compliance and continued FWS funding, streamlining program management and reporting.

When colleges and universities accept FWS funds, they must keep detailed records of students’ hours, which can be complicated if students work multiple positions on campus. Manually tracking these hours can lead to errors and compliance issues.

UKG for Federal Work-Study

UKG for Higher Education makes tracking and reporting on FWS hours easier, including:

  • Providing one timesheet for each student across all positions
  • Creating alerts to ensure weekly hour limits aren’t exceeded
  • Delivering real-time work-study data and reports
  • Decreasing risk of overspending with visibility into time worked

Download this informative piece to learn more about how UKG for Higher Education improves student-worker engagement while improving management of the FWS program.