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UKG for Federal Healthcare Industry Brief

Manually forecasting patient volume is unfeasible. UKG for Federal Healthcare accurately forecasts patient volume and aligns staff to deliver quality care.

Learn how federal healthcare agencies can leverage this UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) solution to efficiently manage their workforce by scheduling the right staff to work at the right time to provide quality patient care.

UKG for Federal Healthcare Industry Brief

Utilizing UKG for Federal Healthcare enables healthcare agencies to:

  • Predict patient and workload volume and optimize staffing across the organization
  • Assign clinicians with the right skills and certifications to deliver exceptional care to patients
  • Balance clinician workload within each unit according to patient care needs when making staffing assignments
  • Configure scheduling rules to ensure fair and equitable staff assignments
  • Track contractor time to make sure budgets and service line agreements are followed
  • Provide staff with self-service tools and mobile access that increases their autonomy and engagement

Download this industry brief to learn about how UKG for Federal Healthcare can assist agencies in aligning staffing with patient volume and care needs to deliver excellent patient care while increasing staff satisfaction.