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UKG and Tyler Technologies’ Munis Integration Datasheet

An easy software integration experience can be elusive, but UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) and Tyler Technologies’ Munis have developed a superior workforce management and human capital management integration strategy that reduces implementation time and speeds ROI.

Discover how the UKG/Munis integration, developed during a collaboration of more than 20 years with 450-plus shared customers, has identified the key parts of a successful and seamless integration.

UKG and Tyler Technologies’ Munis Integration Datasheet

The UKG/Munis integration enables your organization to fill functionality gaps and extend your system’s capabilities to:

  • Track extra-duty hours with a job transfer option
  • Access timely grant and project data and pull funds from the correct account
  • Decrease managers’ timecard approval time with one timecard for each employee working in multiple departments
  • Access detailed reporting of real-time data and supporting visuals
  • Allocate hours worked for weighted overtime calculations and shift differentials
  • Utilize geolocation and geofencing with mobile functionality to support employee accountability

Download this informative piece to learn more reasons why UKG and Munis have the most integrations in the market.