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UKG for Air Industry Brief

UKG for Air helps you drive productivity and optimize scheduling to get the most from your workforce while ensuring the safety of your passengers.

Profitability in the competitive airline industry depends on efficient operation. Since labor accounts for such a large part of total airline expenses, operating an airline successfully means getting more from the workforce you have in place. UKG for Air gives you visibility into labor activity, so you can see critical issues like understaffing, incorrect labor composition, and open shifts that could lead to delays and bad customer service.

UKG for Air Industry Brief

Key benefits of UKG for Air include:

  • Controlling labor costs by automating manual timekeeping processes and minimizing payroll errors
  • Getting full visibility into labor activities to manage staffing issues before they become customer service challenges
  • Optimizing employee scheduling to meet demand, safety, and compliance requirements and control overtime costs
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by deploying your workforce to increase aircraft utilization
  • Improving employee satisfaction with easy-to-use self-service tools
  • Streamlining everchanging union time requirements through sophisticated time-solution capabilities

Download this brief today to learn more about how UKG for Air can help your organization gain a competitive edge.