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Time and Effort Reporting for Grants Datasheet

Manually tracking labor to grants can be an arduous task. UKG for Higher Education automates accurately assigning employee time and labor to university grants in real time for easy management of hundreds of grants from numerous funding sources.

Grants play a key role in funding university research projects, with many departments tracking grant funding for multiple projects. Real-time visibility into your labor spend is important to ensuring you have the labor dollars needed to successfully complete your projects.

Time and Effort Reporting for Grants Datasheet

Discover how UKG Ready™ (formerly Kronos Workforce Ready®) simplifies tracking time and labor costs to individual grants and helps managers see their labor costs for each grant-funded research project. The solution:

  • Assigns time and labor costs to individual grants in real time
  • Provides dashboards that illustrate the labor spend to date for all grants and cost centers
  • Delivers detailed reporting to satisfy reporting requirements and mitigate compliance risk
  • Creates an audit trail to ensure allocations are accurate

Download this informative piece from UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) to learn how you can use existing time and labor data to streamline and easily track labor usage for each grant-funded project to keep your research projects on time and on budget.