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Retail’s 2022 Holiday Season Outlook

The third-annual retail holiday season trend report from UKG analyzes survey responses from retail leaders to understand how stores are preparing for the 2022 holiday season while navigating high inflation, sustained understaffing, and ongoing supply chain challenges.

Read the 20-page report detailing retailers’ plans for the 2022 holiday shopping season and beyond.

Retail Hiring

Survey finds stores braced for another unpredictable selling season.

We ring in yet another holiday season for which retailers have no historical playbook to draw from. This decade’s persistently novel challenges are forcing retailers to innovate at lightspeed, and those that can navigate uncertainty proactively and give comfort to their employees and customers will have a happy holiday season.

To find out how U.S. retailers are preparing to overcome economic uncertainty, unbalanced inventory, and sustained understaffing in stores during the 2022 holiday season and beyond, download the new research report from UKG and explore the answers to these questions and more:

  • What are retailers' “Top 5 Challenges” and “Top 5 Priorities” heading into the holiday season?
  • How often will stores be understaffed during the 2022 holiday season, and what can we learn from pre-holiday staffing patterns?
  • How do retailers plan to counter staffing issues before the season starts?
  • Why are store managers quitting, and what do jobseekers care most about when considering employment in retail?
  • What are the most crucial priorities for retailers in 2023?

Download the full report now and view the press release in our Newsroom.