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Q&A: Public Sector and the Remote Workforce

Telework was the only way some government agencies could deliver services during COVID-19. Learn what two government experts think about the impacts of telework, from employee engagement and performance management to cybersecurity issues and overtime claims.

The coronavirus pandemic has delivered enormous challenges to state and local governments, leading to layoffs, furloughs, and budget shortfalls, drawing comparisons to the Great Recession of 2009. What will the future look like after this latest crisis?

Q&A: Public Sector and the Remote Workforce

In this Q&A discussion, discover what Linda Misegadis, public sector business consulting director at UKG, and Neil Reichenberg, former executive director of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources, are saying about the state of public sector remote work during the pandemic and into the future. They discuss:

  • What is the future of teleworking in state and local governments?
  • Is cybersecurity a concern with employees working from home?
  • Are overtime claims an issue with nonexempt employees working remotely?
  • Could performance management systems slow telework in the future?
  • How can HR professionals best handle decisions to furlough employees?

Download this informative piece to gain insight on key telework issues facing state and local governments during the pandemic and beyond.

“How do we keep our employees engaged while they’re working remotely so they don’t feel isolated?”

Neil Reichenberg
Former Executive Director
International Public Management Association for Human Resources