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Leading Healthcare: Transforming Healthcare Through Technology Innovations

Read the Fall 2023 Leading Healthcare industry brief to stay on top of new trends and better understand how technology is transforming healthcare.

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Healthcare moves fast. Leading Healthcare helps you keep up with industry trends and advances.

UKG Chief Nurse Executive, Nanne M. Finis, RN, MS, presents the Fall 2023 industry brief, designed to provide in-depth and actionable practices around data, trends, mentorship, and entrepreneurial visioning.

Number of new clinicians who will need to be hired by healthcare employers by 2028.
Surveyed business leaders who believe that using technology to improve work outcomes is critical.

Read the brief to explore three significant trends that will help healthcare organizations thrive by:

  • Building a life-centric workforce
  • Strategically adopting new technology and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Designing a competency-based organization

In a permanently changed healthcare landscape, building a sustainable workforce is more critical than ever. Innovative organizations are using this seismic shift to redesign their model of work and re-imagine healthcare in ways that will engage the workforce and deliver superior patient care.

Download the brief to learn about timely trends in healthcare and gain expert perspective on goals for data-driven strategy and care.