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Leading Healthcare: Healthcare’s Data-Driven Improvement Journey

Read the fall 2022 Leading Healthcare industry brief to get expert insight on trends, healthcare headlines, and learn about advances in data-driven strategies.

Healthcare moves fast. Leading Healthcare helps you keep up with industry trends and advances.

UKG Chief Nurse Executive, Nanne M. Finis, RN, MS, presents the Fall 2022 Leading Healthcare industry brief, designed to provide in-depth and actionable practices around data, mentorship, and entrepreneurial visioning.

From digital transformation imperatives to the question of how to mentor the next generation of healthcare leaders to providing quality patient care, healthcare is as complex and demanding as ever. Read the Leading Healthcare industry brief to learn how nurse leaders are thinking about paving the way forward for individual healthcare leaders and organizations.

Download the industry brief to learn about timely trends in healthcare and get expert perspective on long-term goals to have data drive strategy and care.