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Drive Operational Efficiencies with UKG for Automotive

A global and unified workforce management solution.
Drive Operational Efficiencies with UKG for Automotive

As the automotive industry continues to innovate at an unprecedented rate, industry leaders are being forced to rethink how vehicles and parts are manufactured. Digital transformation technologies are accelerating the speed of this innovation and organizations need to ensure their most valuable asset — their people — aren’t being left behind.

To remain competitive in the automotive industry, manufacturers must adopt solutions that empower and enable team members to do their jobs effectively and create an unmatched employee experience.

UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) offers vehicle and parts manufacturers the tools they need to effectively manage their global workforce with a single, unified solution. It provides management, as well as, frontline team members the technology they need to make faster, smarter decisions and to create and sustain a positive work-life balance.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Controlling operational expenses
  • Aligning labor to meet demand
  • Maintaining union and regulatory compliance
  • And cultivating a safe and productive workplace

Download this industry brief to discover how a global workforce management solution from UKG can provide the intelligent automation and labor insights automotive manufacturers need to drive efficiencies and deliver a better employee experience that fuels operational excellence.