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Data Collection for K-12 Datasheet

Depending on your budget and work environment, your K-12 school district may want to consider data collection approaches beyond a clock on the wall.

Find out about UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) data collection options to suit your budget, employee mix, and diverse work environment. As your school district invests in a UKG time and attendance solution, you need to decide how you will collect employee timekeeping data across your locations. For instant touch access to accurate, real-time labor data, we strongly recommend UKG InTouch Timeclock™ (formerly Kronos InTouch®), our innovative timeclock that integrates seamlessly with your workforce management suite. Workplace constraints, however, may require you to look at other options.

Data Collection for K-12 Datasheet

UKG offers a range of data collection solutions including:

  • Mobile data collection from a smartphone or tablet for on-the-go employees
  • Convenient Chromebook data collection from any location via a web-based interface
  • Fast, flexible PC-based data capture with the easy-to-use Quick Punch feature

Download this datasheet to learn how modern and traditional data collection approaches from UKG increase timekeeping efficiencies so you can spend less time on administrative processes and more time on academics and programs.