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Clinical Expertise Within UKG

Discover how our expertise helps advance technology and meaningful work experiences in healthcare.

Clinical Expertise Within UKG

Discover how our deep healthcare expertise surrounding people, technology, and leadership can make a big difference to your organization in Clinical Expertise Within UKG brief.

You’ll learn how UKG can give you and your people an advantage with:

  • Our Chief Nursing Executive, a 40-year industry executive consistently focused on nursing and patient care delivery, who lends her expertise to guide strategic thinking and nurture strategic relationships across the international healthcare marketplace
  • Regional Nursing Executives who discuss upcoming trends, topics, and areas of investigation to understand how UKG can better meet our clients’ needs
  • A regularly convening Chief Nursing Executive Advisory Board committed to helping shape the future of workforce management and human capital management in all U.S. healthcare settings through thought leadership and strategic thinking
  • A Clinician Council that regularly meets to disseminate information regarding emergent movements within healthcare, collaborate across the organization, and assist customers with leveraging best practices within their organizations

Explore the value that our healthcare expertise can deliver to your organization. Be sure to download Clinical Expertise Within UKG brief now.